Governance Highlights

Governance Highlights

Xylem is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices. We understand that adherence to sound principles of transparency and accountability is critical to earning and maintaining the trust of our key stakeholders and to achieving our financial goals. Xylem is fortunate to be overseen by an independent, diverse and highly accomplished Board that brings experience, commitment and rigor to our business.

Governance Documents

Committee Charters

Xylem provides stakeholders with a steady flow of communications about the company's direction, decisions and priorities. Our Corporate Governance Principles, Charters and Code of Conduct are publicly accessible online.

Employees have access to company policies and our Code of Conduct through an intranet portal, and are informed of company decisions through regular print, Web newsletters and memos. Shareholders and other external audiences can also learn about Xylem through webcasts, investor conferences, earnings calls, the Xylem website, news releases and our company public filings.

The Board has established a process to facilitate communication between shareholders and other interested parties with the Company’s independent directors. Communications intended for the Board may be sent by e-mail to or directed to our Corporate Secretary at Xylem Inc., 301 Water Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, tel: 202.869.9150, with a request to forward the communication to the intended recipient or recipients.  Any audit, accounting or internal control concerns can be anonymously sent the Audit Committee c/o the Corporate Secretary. In general, any shareholder communication delivered to us for forwarding to the Board or specified Board members will be forwarded in accordance with the shareholder’s instructions.